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Transmission Specialists

Transmission Services in Tampa, FL

Save Your Car or Truck with the Transmission Specialists at Mad Maxx Total Performance, Serving the Tampa–St. Petersburg–Clearwater Metropolitan Statistical Area

When you experience problems with the transmission, contact the team at your nearest Mad Maxx Total Performance location. Our transmission specialists can repair or replace your transmission, extending the life of your vehicle.

We serve Tampa, FL, St. Petersburg, FL, Clearwater, FL, and surrounding areas.

We offer:

    Experience: Trust the expertise of our transmission specialists who understand today's best practices in transmission repair. They work with manual and automatic transmissions on domestic and foreign vehicles.

    Estimates: Learn what your transmission service will cost before you commit.

    Quality Workmanship: Your vehicle is in excellent hands every step of the process.

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Should I Repair My Transmission?

When the transmission goes, many motorists weigh the pros and cons of buying another vehicle. If you were already thinking of getting another car or truck in the near future, now might be a good time. However, it's still more affordable to replace or repair the transmission in your current vehicle. While transmission repair and replacement services are more expensive compared to repairs for other parts of your vehicle, you can still save thousands compared to the cost of buying a new or used vehicle.

What are Common Transmission Problems?

Transmission Services in Tampa, FL

Are you experiencing any of the problems listed below? If you are, contact the team at Mad Maxx Total Performance to schedule a transmission inspection with our specialists:

  • I Can't Change Gear: If you shift gears and feel hesitation or find yourself unable to change gears at all, it's possible your vehicle requires a new clutch.
  • I'm Hearing a Strange Noise: The transmission may produce a buzz, clunk, hum, or whine when there's a problem. If you hear a clunk when changing gears, it's a strong indication that your problem is with the transmission.
  • I See a Fluid Leak: If you notice a bright red fluid with a sweet smell leaking from your vehicle, seek an automotive repair shop immediately. This is transmission fluid. It's required for your vehicle to operate correctly and prevent the engine from seizing. 
  • I Smell Something Burning: If the transmission begins to overheat, you'll pick up a burning smell. The reason for overheating might be due to low transmission fluid or a transmission fluid leak.

When you need a transmission shop in Tampa or Brandon, contact us. It pays to have experienced technicians run a transmission diagnostic and perform the correct repair service.

Contact Mad Maxx Total Performance for info on Transmission Repair Contact Us for More Info on Transmission Repair

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Phone: (813) 374-9230
Address: 4916 W Linebaugh Ave., Ste. 101B
Tampa, FL 33624
Phone: (813) 409-2491
Address: 1507 W. Brandon Blvd.
Brandon, FL 33511
Phone: (813) 247-1888
Address: 4916 W Linebaugh Ave., Ste. 101A
Tampa, FL 33624
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